Looking After Your Backyard during the Fall Season

Fall is here, and your backyard is probably filled with fallen leaves right now, much like everybody else’s. Cleaning the yard during in this chilly weather might sound too tasky, but despite what you may think or what others may tell you, it is important to take care of the backyard especially during this season since it can generally affect how the yard will turn out in the fall. Sometimes, it is easier to do things when you are following a set of to-do-list. Thus, here is a simple checklist of what you need to do.

Raking. Raking the leaves is pretty important since leaving them there will basically ruin your grass beds. The unraked leaves will get wet and moist, and will most likely be matted down against the grasses, leaving them flat and prone to rot. If this happens, you will find ugly and dead patches of grass making your yard look like the moon’s surface.

Weeding. Weeding is also an important process in cleaning the backyard. Don’t think that those overgrown weeds will die in the cold anyway. By taking out the weed, you are ridding your garden of parasites that will steal the nutrients from your beautiful grass.

Fertilizing.  As nutrients were mentioned, be sure to not forget to fertilize the yard before winter sets in. In this season, ordinary fertilizers will not do. You will need to choose fertilizers which are slow-releasing. As the name suggests, this fertilizers are slow to release their nutrients, and when given the appropriate amount, the grass and plants in your backyard will have enough nutrients to last them throughout the winter.

Aerating. If you spend too much time in the backyard during the spring and summer seasons, then it is most likely that the soil in the yard has been compacted. This is not good at all since this will not allow new roots to grow. Thus, in order to make sure that there is room for the new roots to grow, it is necessary to aerate your backyard. You can do this by digging small holes around the yard to allow water and air and fertilizer to seep into the ground.

When all of the above are done, then you have mostly cleaned everything that needs cleaning, and successfully prepared your lawn not only for the coming winter but also for next year’s spring season.

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